City TAX


- Entry into force: 1 October 2018
- Rate: € 1.50 per person
- Maximum number of stays taxed: N ° 4 nights
- Exemption for age: Minors up to the age of 14 and the elderly over 70 years of age.

Other Exemptions:
  • 1) Patients, who must carry out medical examinations, treatments or therapies in the day hospital at health facilities, as well as those who assist inpatient patients in health facilities, on the basis of a companion for each patient. In the case of patients under the age of eighteen, both parents are exempted from paying the tax. The patient or the accompanying person must declare, on the form that the Municipality will provide, in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree no. 445 of 2000 and subsequent modifications, that the stay at the receptive structure is finalized to receive health services by the patient or to be able to provide assistance to the in-patient and the reference period of health services or hospitalization;
  • 2) The subjects that following measures taken by public authorities, to face social and emergency situations resulting from disasters or extraordinary events or for humanitarian relief purposes;
  • 3) Volunteers serving in calamity;
  • 4) Coach drivers and tour leaders who provide assistance to groups organized by travel and tourism agencies. The exemption applies to every bus driver and to a tour guide for every 25 participants;
  • 5) personnel belonging to the State and Local Police Forces, Fire Brigade and the Armed Forces who carry out activities of public order and security;
  • 6) disabled non self-sufficient people who exhibit suitable certification, and their companion;
  • 7) employees who work at the facility.